Since its foundation in 1974, PRENTEC has continued to grow from strength to strength. The manufacturing facilities were doubled in 1992, and the quality assurance procedures are accepted by all international industrial groups and mining houses.


Ion Exchange

Environmentally Friendly, Cost Effective Efficiency

Pressing environmental imperatives have lead to the introduction of reduced discharge limits and an emphasis on cleaner production processes. Thus water and waste water treatment has become an increasingly important component of your company’s environmental obligations. As water purification specialists in for over 35 years, Prentec is ready to offer the most cost effective and efficient ion exchange technology to meet your needs.

Ion exchange is a well-established technology that can be used to remove dissolved impurities from water or to selectively recover valuable dissolved species from effluent streams.

The selection of appropriate ion exchange resin can be used to recover valuable dissolved precious metal from effluent streams. In this regard, gold, silver, platinum, palladium and iridium are examples where metals can be recovered by concentrating low concentrations of these metals (complex ions in solution) onto ion exchange resin from where they can be economically recovered.

In additions, ion exchange is also frequently used in the following areas:

  • The softening of water supplies in both industry and domestic water supplies
  • Total demineralization of water to produce ultra pure water for high-pressure boiler systems and in semi-conductor manufacturing
  • Removal of dissolved organic material

Prentec is in a position where this technology can be supplied to industry with local manufacturing of the required vessels and the design of complete ion exchange systems to suit the specific requirements of the client. And you're never alone. We can monitor your operation of the system and make suggestions as to maintenance intervals, cleaning cycles and all other aspects as required.


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