Since its foundation in 1974, PRENTEC has continued to grow from strength to strength. The manufacturing facilities were doubled in 1992, and the quality assurance procedures are accepted by all international industrial groups and mining houses.



Prentec - Celebrating 40 years

Article published in "W&S Africa"

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The history in the making - Prentec (Pty) Ltd

Article published in "Water Sewage & Effleunt".

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Prentec - 40th by Stewart Buchanan.

"So today is really about thanking you all and celebrating a 40 year old partnerships.

Thanks to our customers for having enough confidence in us to award large contracts with innovative solutions, and to stand by us.

Thank you to our suppliers for believing enough in us to develop completely new mechanical, electrical and civil designs, even in the bidding stages, and thanks to business partners who are always on hand to provide support, answers and prices when we call at the 11th hour because a bid is going in tomorrow or sometimes in an hours’ time. 

At this point it would also be fair to thank ourselves for each other and give ourselves a pat on the back. To stay relevant for 40 years takes a great team, and that we are"




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