Since its foundation in 1974, PRENTEC has continued to grow from strength to strength. The manufacturing facilities were doubled in 1992, and the quality assurance procedures are accepted by all international industrial groups and mining houses.


Media Filtration

Unique, Innovative Technologies

While Prentec are acknowledged experts in all areas of filtration, it is with the DUP (Deep-bed Upflow Prentec) filtration method where we clearly demonstrate our leadership in this field. In thousands of installations worldwide, DUP has unequivocally demonstrated its superiority when measured against the more conventional down flow sand gravity or pressure filter technologies.

Advantages of the DUP technology include:

•    Larger dirt holding capacity
•    Higher service velocity
•    Filter cleaned with feed water
•    Simpler to operate
•    Lower headloss experienced
•    No binding or mud balling of media
•    Ideal for in-line flocculation or contact filtration

Prentec is able to offer “Turnkey” installations using DUP and other filtration technologies with guaranteed performance assurances.


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