Since its foundation in 1974, PRENTEC has continued to grow from strength to strength. The manufacturing facilities were doubled in 1992, and the quality assurance procedures are accepted by all international industrial groups and mining houses.


Membrane Technology

Modular Plants

Prentec has designed container sized modules for various unit operations. These are not plants fitted into shipping containers. Each module is custom designed with all mechanical, process, electrical and control components integrated for full functionality.

There is a dedicated E&I section where MMC and control equipment is housed.. All cabling and wiring is routed in dedicated wire ways and ducts which are fully integrated into the structure. When the modules are banked together the adjacent E&I sections join to form a continuous dedicated isolated room which adapts to the size of the plant.

Within the plant area there is a dedicated service zone which carries all pipe headers etc. Again, when modules bank together these adjoining zones form an access way.

The modules each have an independent sheeted roof with insulation which overlaps the adjacent module. Open sides are clad and insulated. The net result is that all equipment and electrical installations are in a large room with proper access, pipe routes and cable ways. Modules can be added and removed without affecting the overall installation. More than 85% of a typical plant installation can be recovered and relocated as a whole or split into smaller units. The illustration above shows several UF and RO modules banked together.

Some of the modules we have developed include:

  • Modular Mine Water Reactors, Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis Modules. These can be economically and rapidly delivered to handle flows of up to 50Ml/d. This unique range of modules allows us to respond quickly to emergency or short term requirements and offer solutions on a rental basis. Very high performance is possible generating little or no waste.
  • ModularRapid Gravity or Deep Bed Up flow Filters. These are economical and can be quickly delivered and erected. Configurations up to 100Ml/d are possible. For larger installations a central service skid is supplied while smaller units have pumps, blowers and control systems incorporated into an integral plant / control room.
  • Modular Sewage Treatment with MBR, and BNR features. These units can be configured to handle up to 500m3/d. They are economical, quick to deliver and can be relocated relatively easily. By incorporating anaerobic and anoxic zones full N and P removal is possible with minimal chemical use.Integral MBR options produce very high grade product for reuse.


During the past fifteen years, PRENTEC has been successfully promoting the export of both consulting engineering services and plant equipment. We are now active in several countries confirming PRENTEC’s high manufacturing quality standards and leading technology.

These activities also promote the government’s stated objectives of job creation and increased levels of beneficiation to continue South Africa’s progress beyond a resource economy.

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